P&C Help Centre

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    Getting started

    • How to use Price&Cost?

      A simple explanation of how Price&Cost works and how it will help you with your projects' financials.
    • Creating your first project estimate

      Essential steps to creating your first project estimate in under 2 minutes.
    • Creating alternative estimates

      Learn how to create additional version and choose one as final estimate to start tracking with.
    • FAQ-s

      Some more frequent questions answered


    • Creating projects

      Learn how to create project estimates and add different resource types to your projects
    • Managing projects

      Learn how to view, configure and manage your projects with Price&Cost


    • Resource section introduction

      Key aspects of working with Resource section explained


    • Managing users

      Learn how to create a team, invite users to a team, and collaborate on projectsl
    • Billing

      Information on Plans and Billing

    We are still getting ready

    We are still finessing the app and will let you in soon!
    Request a beta invite and we'll place you in the queue.