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    Connecting Harvest account to Price&Cost

    First steps to connect your Harvest account to Price&Cost and import data

    When you connect your Harvest account to Price&Cost, we’ll initiate a first sync, consisting of:

    • import of all active projects from Harvest
    • import of all users from Harvest
    • sync of all timesheets for imported projects

    To connect your Harvest account follow the below steps:

    Go to Settings -> Integrations and click “Connect your Harvest account”

    You will be redirected to Harvest log-in or authorisation screen. Allow Price&Cost to access your data.

    Once you authorized access, you will be taken back to Price&Cost, and if all went fine – we will show you a success message.
    Price&Cost will now schedule the first sync. Depending on the number of active project you have in Harvest – it may take from 2 to 15 minutes.
    Sit back, relax and wait for an email to arrive from us, notifying you the synchronisation is complete.
    Once your initial integration is complete, the integration screen will list all the Harvest projects and Resources we’ve imported and synced.



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