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    Resource section introduction

    Key aspects of working with Resource section explained

    Resource section is the central place in Price&Cost where we hold information on all Resources across all your projects.

    There are 3 types of resources you can add to your project:

    • People – work that’s done by people and quantified in either man-days or hours.
    • Materials – all the materials you are planning to use on the project. These will be quantified in number of units.
    • Other Costs – all other costs you anticipate on the project. These will be items that are hard to quantify, e.g “Travel expenses”.
    Resource section

    How is Resource section connected to my projects?

    Every time you enter any resource while editing your project – we will save their information to the Resource section. And when adding Resources to your project – we will fetch the relevant resources back from the Resource section.

    This allows you to just search by resource Name – once selected – we will pull all their settings into your project.




    People in Price&Cost have a number of attributes – Combination of Role and Name, their internal cost, default and client-specific rates as well as Overtime rules.

    Resources / People

    As a result, this section is broken down into the following sub-sections:

    • Rates – here you can define combination default rates and internal costs for you roles. You can also add client-specific rates – override rates for different clients.
    • Roles – here you can define roles that you use on your projects
    • Resource names – here you can define resource names, choose their default role and applicable overtime rule (if any)
    • Overtime rules – here you can define Overtime rules for resources by setting their workday durations, overtime costs and other settings. These settings will affect how your costs are calculated for selected resource.


    Materials in Price&Cost have a number of attributes –  Name, their internal cost, default and client-specific rates.

    Resources / Materials


    Other costs

    Other in Price&Cost have a number of attributes –  Name, default and client-specific billable setting.


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