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    Creating a team and inviting users

    Create a team and invite team members to collaborate

    Teamwork is a key to a successful project. Price&Cost allows you to add unlimited users to your account at no extra cost.

    You can find the team and user settings under Settings > Team and users

    Choosing a name for your team

    Before you can add users, you need to come up with a name for your team. It can be anything you like – unleash your creativity. Easy choice – use your company name.

    Type your team name
    Click “Save”
    Add team name

    Inviting users to the team

    Once you’ve chosen the team name, you can start inviting users to your team.

    By inviting others – you will become team owner. Invited users will become

    team members. Everybody in the team will have same access to each other’s projects – both viewing and editing rights. However, only the team owner will have access to billing and user management sections.

    Your plan will be shared with the rest of the team – any project you or any of the team members create will count towards your plan

    Type the email address of the user you want to invite
    Click “Invite”
    Invite users to team

    The added user will get an invite with a unique link to create an account – read more about Accepting the invite to join the team or Managing invites and users.

    The unique activation link will expire in 3 days for security reasons. You can easily resend the invite.

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